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Dagbladet (Norway)
15. July 2009
by Terje Mosnes

[...] At the same time, he is releasing a trio album with two well established musicians: Dutch trumpet player Bert Lochs and German pianist Dirk Balthaus, two musicians from the generation before Herskedal. "Lochs Balthaus Herskedal" is the CD debut of the Amsterdam-based trio. The music is a lyrical-melodical experience where Lochs presents himself in a similar fashion to Enrico Rava in the 1990's and 2000's. The trumpet and flu gel horn playing is at times glowing, and as the composer of most of the CD's 10 original tunes, he makes his way in obvious tailored musical landscapes. Balthaus' piano contribution is technical, polished and well adjusted in proportion to the two other musicians. And Herskedal - living in Oslo and tuba teacher at the Rhythmical Conservatory in Copenhagen - is one of the modern tubists who increasingly expand the big horn's antlers. Here, he integrates the tuba in the trio with full solistic, melodic and power sound, and although he's not the first tubist that blasts his way out of the time keeper role, he is eminently and increasingly making the tuba a more exciting element in jazz.

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