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Jazzflits (Benelux)
June 2009
by Frank Huser

Bert Lochs on the trumpet and flugelhorn, Dirk Balthaus at the piano and Fender Rhodes, and Daniel Herskedal on the tuba. A less than usual combination of instruments. But what a fantastic one! Every once in a while you receive a record that just gets under your skin. Of course the particular combination immediately stands out and makes you curious. But the music is what really counts. And that is truly astonishingly beautiful. Here we have three musicians who take up a challenge and are able to form a unity, each from their own expertise. Ten characteristic tales are told: they grumble and whirl, deep reflections and frivolous observations trade places. A pensive sounding tuba and a smoothly played trumpet, embedded in lyrical piano sounds. Melancholy patterns surrounded by hopeful outlooks. The exhaustively swaying dance in "Tarantelle", the percussively played "The Brain Train" and the almost cabaretesque "Crystal Village". This trio swings and improvises. Away from the beaten track they search for enchanting paths, to stumble upon yet another plain, where a spacious arrangement gives a wide view. It is a beautiful and meticulous production. A record to cherish as a little gem. Sublime.

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