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Our first CD from 2009
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Muziekwereld (NL)
October 2009

A masterpiece!

The first thing that attracts attention with this title less album is the deviant line up of trumpet, tuba and keyboards. Drums and bass are lacking. Because of that, this jazz trio has a lot of extra space within the sound spectrum.
On this album they play compositions of their own. Those are beautiful, pleasant stories. All three musicians take their space to place very romantic and tender melodies. Both horn players are veritable embouchure acrobats and impress with the control they have over their wind instruments. On this CD this is fully exploited. Trumpet player Bert Lochs mostly takes the lead with romantic melodies interweaved with virtuoso improvisations. Tuba player Herskedal proves himself a master in accompaniment, but now and then he loses himself in swirling improvisations. Keyboard player Balthaus provides the trio with tasteful harmonies. With his accurate touché he launches the music to great rhythmic heights as well as to quiet, meditative places. A masterpiece!

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